Cost of Sessions

Initial Exploration of child/young person’s emotional well-being and needs: £120

This is the first part of a two part exploration of the child or young person’s emotional well-being. It’s a space for referrer’s to talk about the child/young person without them being present. Young people over 16 may attend on their own, but their parents/care-givers’ perspectives will need to be explored at a later stage. We will explore what has led the referrer/client to seek help and the background to the referral. We will explore some the client’s developmental history and experiences of education, family life and friendships. This session lasts 60 minutes.

Follow-Up Exploration of Needs (part 2 with client): £120

This is the second exploration session with the child or young person being referred. The session lasts 60 minutes.

Please note, for children and young people under 16 years old the first session will be with parents or carers only and the second with the child or young person on their own or with someone else present if necessary.

In complex presentations it may be necessary to use both sessions for a developmental assessment and book in another assessment session to meet the child. The assessment process results in a Formulation (Idea about what is going on and why) which drives the therapeutic plan, sometimes this involves provisional diagnoses but it usually generates a lot more areas if exploration. It’s important to know that assessment is an ongoing process and that the formulation remains flexible throughout the therapeutic relationship.

Reviewing of assessments/letters from other professionals and teachers is useful during the assessment phase and its helpful if these are made available from the start of assessment.

Additional Specialist Assessment of Developmental Conditions and Complex Needs: This depends on the nature and complexity of the child’s presentation and can be estimated after the initial assessment phase: £120 per 60 minute session.

Specialist ADHD Assessment: (7hrs see below): £800

This involves use of a gold-standard tool called, the Test of Everyday Attention for Children, Second Edition (TEACh2) and consists of the following phases:

  1. Highly focused interview about how your child thinks and learns differently and gathering evidence from other sources such as school reports/questionnaires (2hrs).
  2. Carrying out the test with the child or young person on their own.
  3. Scoring and Writing Up of Report and reflecting on outcomes (2hrs).
  4. Feedback session (1hr).

Psychological Intervention (Therapy): £100

Young person/child one-to-one psychological intervention. Sessions are 50 minutes.

In-person/online or telephone family/parent/referrer/care-giver consultation: £120

This is a 60 minute consultation that can only be booked after an initial exploration of needs (two sessions) and is for people around the child or young person who are actively engaged in the process of therapy/intervention.

  • Reports for EHCPs, DLA, and accommodations: £60 per 30 minutes
  • Attendance and contribution to educational other professional meetings (e.g. GP, Social Services, CAMHS): £60 per 30 minutes plus travel time of £1 per minute and parking expenses if not in Shoreham-By-Sea)

Any professional consultations and report/letter writing is only available once the initial exploration/assessment sessions have been completed. They are also an essential part of ongoing psychological child focused interventions so that the family and child or young person work together to achieve their shared goals.

Further information

Please note that maximum therapy session lengths are normally 50 minutes and in some cases children and young people find this length of time too long to tolerate, so the session length is dependent on factors such as concentration and motivation.

The costs of sessions include email exchanges and short phone-calls with parents, professionals and teachers involved in the child and young person’s welfare

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